Uncategorized August 12, 2011

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, Nope It’s Thomas Olson

Thomas Olson is a local rider who has been one of my friends for awhile now and this guy kills it on a wakeboard. I know many of you have been on a boat and seen him but if you haven’t it is a spectacle. Today August 12th, 2011 he is riding in Northwest Riders Wake Series Pro Double Up contest in Monroe, WA, so I thought it would be fitting to do an interview with him.

Alex: Where are you from?
Tom: I grew up and lived my entire life in Gig Harbor, Washington.
Alex: Great answer. How old were you when you first got up on a wakeboard?
Tom: I was eleven years old and the first time I ever wakeboarded and I was hooked ever since.
Alex: Who is your favorite Pokemon?
Tom: Haha that would be Charizard. Hands down I had him level 100 on my gameboy.
Alex: When/what made you realize you had a skill on a board that most people would dream of?
Tom: It was when I started taking wakeboard lessons with Brett V and learning about 4 new tricks per week sometimes more than one per lesson.
Alex: What was the first trick you stomped and thought to yourself I’m the sh*t?
Tom: Well I never like to think of myself as the sh*t Haha but the first time I landed a 900, I realized that I accomplished something that many semi pro riders hadn’t been able to do.
Alex: Who would you rather spend the day with Ron Burgundy or Kenny Powers?
Tom: Can it be Ricky from Trailor Park Boys? Haha I would rather spend the day with the king of Kswiss, Kenny Powers, cause he makes me die laughing.
Alex: I’m doing the questioning here don’t you dare put a question mark in there. Have you ever rode a wakeboard in a monkey suit? Yes or no?
Tom: Haha yes I have been wakeboarding in a monkey suit and I hardly felt like a monkey.
Alex: What is you best competition moment?
Tom: My best contest moment was winning the Bakes Northwest Invitational doubleup contest with a 900. It was the greatest day of my life beating my coach and mentor for the first time. It was really my greatest accomplishment.
Alex: Got any shout outs?
Tom: I would like to thank Imperial Motion, Obrien Wakeboards, and Bakes Marine Center for all the support.