Uncategorized November 10, 2011

Why is Twitter better than Facebook?

Facebook has more than 800 million active users, while the United States population is around 308 million people. Twitter on the other hand has 85 million active accounts with at least one follower. So the numbers do not support my theory but Twitter is quickly growing and if you don’t have an account I will almost guarantee a year down the road you will be thinking of a clever name to go by because your name will already be taken.

Why is Twitter better than Facebook?

Twitter + Tweeters don’t mind multiple tweets even hundreds of a tweet a day.

Facebook – If you facebook your status more than 5 times a day your abusing the book.

Twitter + How many of you are friends with Kim Kardashian on facebook? Now how many follow the real Kim on twitter?

Facebook – Celebrities don’t want to be your friend on Facebook. Stop being a stocker.

Twitter + The next Facebook.

Facebook- Does anyone still have a myspace?

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