Why is Twitter better than Facebook?

Facebook has more than 800 million active users, while the United States population is around 308 million people. Twitter on the other hand has 85 million active accounts with at least one follower. So the numbers do not support my theory but Twitter is quickly growing and if you don’t have an account I will almost guarantee a year down the road you will be thinking of a clever name to go by because your name will already be taken.

Why is Twitter better than Facebook?

Twitter + Tweeters don’t mind multiple tweets even hundreds of a tweet a day.

Facebook – If you facebook your status more than 5 times a day your abusing the book.

Twitter + How many of you are friends with Kim Kardashian on facebook? Now how many follow the real Kim on twitter?

Facebook – Celebrities don’t want to be your friend on Facebook. Stop being a stocker.

Twitter + The next Facebook.

Facebook- Does anyone still have a myspace?

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The Buying Process

Check out this youtube video that creates a good understanding of the buying process for buyers today.


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Attention Investors and Renters

Here is an article forecasting the future rental market, which offers great stats and gives a good idea for what’s to come. Read more….

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Tacoma School District Still on the Picketing Line

The year of the strike, first the NFL almost broke the hearts of millions of fans with their labor disputes, thankfully the season started on time, keeping us fantasy owners busy. Than came the less known strikes of the Spanish Football League and Italian Football League, most Americans don’t care, but nonetheless is world news and they settled their disputes, but lost a couple weeks of the early season. The NBA still has a lot to resolve if they want to get their season underway on time and last but not least Tacoma school’s are still closed…

Read more about the Tacoma School District strike…

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You Got Skills as a Photographer?

Pictures of the month are still being accepted until the end of September. Email them to alexmunoz@windermere.com and the winner will receive $25, remember the theme of the month is Gig Harbor. Keep shooting.

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Good News or Bad News First?

The good news is that the Puget Sound area is getting some positive publicity from The Wall Street Journal. In a recent article Tacoma, Washington is the top place to buy in the next two years. The bad news is not of the country is seeing the same publicity. Read the full article published by The Wall Street Journal. Tacoma, Seattle Lead List for Strong Housing Markets.. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them or give me a call at (253)514.0846.

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, Nope It’s Thomas Olson

Thomas Olson is a local rider who has been one of my friends for awhile now and this guy kills it on a wakeboard. I know many of you have been on a boat and seen him but if you haven’t it is a spectacle. Today August 12th, 2011 he is riding in Northwest Riders Wake Series Pro Double Up contest in Monroe, WA, so I thought it would be fitting to do an interview with him.

Alex: Where are you from?
Tom: I grew up and lived my entire life in Gig Harbor, Washington.
Alex: Great answer. How old were you when you first got up on a wakeboard?
Tom: I was eleven years old and the first time I ever wakeboarded and I was hooked ever since.
Alex: Who is your favorite Pokemon?
Tom: Haha that would be Charizard. Hands down I had him level 100 on my gameboy.
Alex: When/what made you realize you had a skill on a board that most people would dream of?
Tom: It was when I started taking wakeboard lessons with Brett V and learning about 4 new tricks per week sometimes more than one per lesson.
Alex: What was the first trick you stomped and thought to yourself I’m the sh*t?
Tom: Well I never like to think of myself as the sh*t Haha but the first time I landed a 900, I realized that I accomplished something that many semi pro riders hadn’t been able to do.
Alex: Who would you rather spend the day with Ron Burgundy or Kenny Powers?
Tom: Can it be Ricky from Trailor Park Boys? Haha I would rather spend the day with the king of Kswiss, Kenny Powers, cause he makes me die laughing.
Alex: I’m doing the questioning here don’t you dare put a question mark in there. Have you ever rode a wakeboard in a monkey suit? Yes or no?
Tom: Haha yes I have been wakeboarding in a monkey suit and I hardly felt like a monkey.
Alex: What is you best competition moment?
Tom: My best contest moment was winning the Bakes Northwest Invitational doubleup contest with a 900. It was the greatest day of my life beating my coach and mentor for the first time. It was really my greatest accomplishment.
Alex: Got any shout outs?
Tom: I would like to thank Imperial Motion, Obrien Wakeboards, and Bakes Marine Center for all the support.

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Open House

Come stop by my open house this Saturday right past Artondale from 12 PM- 3 PM. A great rambler with 3 bed and 1.75 bath. 3822 68TH AVE CT NW, GIG HARBOR, WA 98335. Give me a call at 253.514.0846 if you have any questions or would like directions.

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Aren’t All Real Estate Agents REALTORS®?

This seems to be a misunderstanding for the majority of buyers and sellers out there, they think all real estate agents are REALTORS®. When in reality there is a difference that can change the results of your experience working with an agent.

Every real estate agent is licensed under the state in which they hang their license, but only 56% of those licensed agents are allowed to call them-selves a REALTOR®. The difference is they are members of the Nation Association REALTORS®, one of the largest trade organizations in the country, with over 1 million members.

To be apart of the association they must adhere to a strictly enforced code of ethics, which is summarized in the link, while other agents have no such code. To read more visit National Association of REALTORS® website.
If you have any questions regarding the narrows area or real estate give me a call at 253.514.0846 or email me at alexmunoz@windermere.com

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What’s Next For Interest Rates?

A question that most agents hear daily is “has the market hit the bottom yet” and we tend to have mixed opinions, but the real question should be, “what is next for interest rates?”

Here is an article that takes a look at interest rates for the month of June and this month….


There is a rule of thumb in which 1% increase in rates cases 10% decrease in affordability. For example…

Interest rates  at 4.5% and your qualified for a $100,000 mortgage.

Interest rates at 5.5% you would only be qualified for a $90,000 mortgage.

Doesn’t seem like much but when you start looking at higher priced homes you see the difference.

Interest rates at 4.5% and your qualified for a $300,000 mortgage.

Interest rates at 5.5% and you’d only be qualified for a $270,000 mortgage.

If you are a potential buyer this is something to keep in mind because interest rates can not stay this low forever. So ask yourself, “What’s Next for Interest Rates?”

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